What is SOLiD's standard equipment warranty?


The following document details the Limited Hardware Warranty and Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process offered by SOLiD for its DAS hardware products. This information is intended to help customers determine the level of service they will receive from SOLiD.


1     Warranty Terms and Conditions

1.1         General Warranty

1.2         Advance Replacement - Terms & Conditions

1.3         In-Warranty Replacements (No Advanced Replacement) 

1.4         Non-Warranty Replacements. 

1.5         Warranty Exclusions. 

2            Disclaimer of Implied Warranties. 

3            Return Materials Authorization (RMA) 

3.1         Product Return Procedure. 

3.2         Returns for Refund. 

3.3         Shipping. 

1       Warranty Terms and Conditions

1.1       General Warranty

SOLiD offers a limited hardware warranty to the original purchaser of any products that it is free from defects in workmanship and materials, while it remains under normal use and service, for a period of three (3) years from the date of original shipment.  During the warranty period, SOLiD will provide all required repairs and/or replacements to any part which is in non-conformance to its specifications.

1.2       Advance Replacement - Terms & Conditions

SOLiD’s Advance Replacement program may be available for components that are currently within their three (3) year warranty period.  You must return your non-working component(s) within twenty one (21) days from the date your Advance Replacement order was placed to prevent an invoice for the current sales price of the component(s).

If the product has been physically damaged, modified, or otherwise altered (e.g. shipping damage, dents, broken parts, etc.), it is no longer covered by our warranty.  If your non-working product is received in such condition, you will be invoiced the current sales price of the replacement item.

SOLiD reserves the right to require credit card information or a purchase order prior to Advance Replacements to any organization based on SOLiD’s sole discretion.

SOLiD also reserves the right to refuse Advance Replacements based on customer’s financial standings.

1.3       In-Warranty Replacements (No Advanced Replacement)

SOLiD rigorously tests all its products to ensure optimum quality and reliability.  If the failure symptoms described by the customer cannot be duplicated and the unit passes pertinent product testing, it will be reported as “No Trouble Found” (NTF) and returned to the customer.

At SOLiD’s discretion, in the case of excessive NTFs, the customer will be responsible for service fees and shipping costs.

If a returned unit fails pertinent product testing, SOLiD will repair or replace the unit and retest to confirm that it has been restored to a functional state.  SOLiD, at its option, may deliver to the customer an equivalent product or part to replace the defective unit; the replacement product or parts may be new or reconditioned.  Any replaced or repaired part will carry the remainder of the initial warranty period.

1.4       Non-Warranty Replacements

Due to the modular design of SOLiD products, SOLiD will provide a quote for all non-warranty replacement items at the current sales price.

1.5       Warranty Exclusions

Products will be excluded from warranty replacement based on these conditions:

  1. Use of the System or any components thereof in other than their normal and customary manner.
  2. Misuse, accident, neglect, improper storage or environmental or site conditions not conforming to the specifications for the System, to the extent not caused by Seller or its agents.
  3. Unauthorized modifications, alterations, repairs, or use of unapproved parts in or of the System, in each case in a manner not approved by Seller.
  4. Force Majeure Condition.
  5. Installation, optimization, movement, or use of System by anyone not authorized by Seller and/or not in accordance with commercially reasonable standards and guidelines.
  6. Failure of any third-party networks.
  7. Failure of Purchaser to maintain the System substantially in accordance with the following standard operating guidelines and procedures:

a)     Purchaser will not allow any disconnection or interruption of AC power supply to any components of the System, including BDAs, fiber distribution equipment or UPS back-up power supplies.

b)     Purchaser will maintain the proper air temperature and environmental conditions in all rooms where active System components are operating.

c)     Purchaser will ensure that no dust or other matter is allowed to restrict or constrict air flow into or out of any active component that is part of the System.

d)     Purchaser will not, nor allow other parties to, open, tamper with, adjust settings or otherwise make unauthorized changes to System components.

e)     Purchaser will not nor allow other parties to disconnect or remove any components that are part of the System.

f)      Purchaser will not nor allow other parties to disconnect any coax or fiber cabling from any active or passive component in the System.

g)     Purchaser will not nor allow other parties to disconnect, reposition, or relocate any internal or external antenna that is a part of the System.

h)     Purchaser will not nor allow other parties to sever any coax or fiber cabling that is part of the System.

i)       Purchaser will not nor allow other parties to alter the routing or placement of any coax or fiber cabling that is part of the System.

  1. The use of any equipment or software not supplied or authorized by Seller in any component of the System.
  2. Failure of Purchaser to use the most recent software update supplied by Seller or Manufacturer.

2       Disclaimer of Implied Warranties

The warranties in this agreement are given in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, which are specifically excluded, including, without limitation, warranties of noninfringement of any third party intellectual property rights, ownership, quiet enjoyment, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Seller’s express warranty will not be enlarged, diminished or affected by, and no obligation or liability will arise out of, the rendering of technical or other advice or service by seller in connection with the system.

3       Return Materials Authorization (RMA)

SOLiD support can be contacted at support@solid.com or by phone at 888-409-9997 x2.

All RMAs require a SOLiD support ticket to be created.  The SOLiD support personnel will determine if an RMA is necessary and initiate the RMA process.

A Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number is required prior to returning any product for any repairs, upgrade or Advance Replacements.  Follow the “Product Return Procedure” instructions below to return your product to SOLiD for replacement.

Key requirements to create the RMA numbers include project name, component & chassis serial number, replacement ship to information, reported issue, required delivery date.  An RMA cannot be created without these details.

All replacement items provided by RMA units will receive a ninety (90) day hardware warranty or the remainder of the original hardware warranty, whichever is longer.

The replacement part may be refurbished, or substituted with similar products at the option of SOLiD. SOLiD cannot guarantee new replacement units be shipped against RMAs.

3.1       Product Return Procedure

For Advanced Replacement, please return the non-working equipment on the provided RMA document within 21 business days to avoid invoicing on the replacement part.

A pre-paid UPS return label will be included with your replacement part(s) and should be marked with the referenced RMA number.

Please utilize the existing packaging for the returned part(s).

Mail to the following address:
Ship to:
SOLiD Technologies
617 N. Mary Avenue
Sunnyvale,CA 94085-2907
If you have any questions or need an additional UPS shipping label for return, you may e-mail RMA@solid.com

3.2       Returns for Refund

All returns for refund must be:

  1. Physically undamaged, in good working order, and unused
  2. Received within 90 days of the original shipping date
  3. Accompanied with an RMA number
  4. Tested and passed by the SOLiD lab for final approval

Returns for refund will be charged a 20% restock fee.

3.3       Shipping

For products under warranty, SOLiD will pay for ground shipping both ways with the exception of returns for refund.  Expedited shipping may result in additional charges.

For products not under warranty, the customer pays for shipping both ways.

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